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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Okay, was hoping I would get Ethan to sleep, so I could start on my masterplan to an improved life, but as fate would have it, just after he'd dosed off and I thought I could get on with planning a better life the lil' bugger decided he wasn't having any of it and he's now wide awake again. The story of my life!

Anyway, one facet of my life I've decided to start working on is my general physical fitness. My wife (Kinga) has continuosly been on my case as to why I keep paying my gym subscriptions when I never attend. My response as always is that I will be going and am just resting ;-). It has become obvious that if I don't make the effort, all those subs will simply be going on waste, so I've decided enough is enough. I'll not cancel the membership as she requests but instead I will start making use of it.

One of the first things I've done is first of all log my current stats so as to effectively trend my progress. The first thing I've done is attempt to get my bodyfat levels. I'm not sure of it's accuracy, but the first site I found for measuring bodyfat was which claims it's method is accurate and calculated my bodyfat percentage as 19.5%.

If the data on the site is anything to go by, my bodyfat level isn't too bad, considering the fattest person tested was at 55% and the average American was at 22%. Their table however puts 'African-Americans' at 12% bodyfat and considering I am of African descent, this means I fail in comparison. As you may then imagine, my target bodyfat percentage is 12%. I have no clue at present as to what rate I can comfortably reduce bodyfat, but I figure I should be able to accomplish my goal within 1/2 a year. (My cousin is getting married in October, so hopefully my goal should have been achieved by then).

Well, that's it for now, Ethan has decided it's time I refocus my attention on him, so till next time ta ta!

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